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Meet Ron Shirley

Ron, lives in Southern California with his Wife of 38 years! They have three adult children and one Granddaughter. He’s received his BA degree in Social Science from the University of California, Irvine and his Master’s in Leadership from National University, San Diego, CA. He has worked for the Xerox Corporation and for BBSI, Inc. in various Leadership roles in the areas building Integrity, Confidence Boosting, Inspiring others to be their Best Self, how to develop Honest Communication, encouraging others to identify their life Vision and Purpose and most important helping people discover why Empathy is so critical to all types of relationships!  Ron has a special passion for helping others reach their life goals and an even greater love for supporting those who from time to time need the support of a compassionate Coach who’s major gift is that he listens for what’s not being said, so that his clients  can get to their true North!

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